We are happy to do the import clearance for your horse from abroad. Veterinarian clearance, custom clearance and the logistics to your final destination can be arranged through our office.

In order to organize the import of your horse to Europe, we would need to know how your horse should get imported:

Temporary importation: if you are planning to stay not longer than one year in Europe, the following options would be sufficient for you:

ATA Carnet – no bond upon arrival in the EU


temporary import on a customs duty bond which would require an advance payment of the full customs and import duty, based on your declared value of the horse and air transport charges (written declaration with full horse details and addresses from where to where) such may be valid for one year. The paid bond may get refunded when the horse is being exported with a correct re-export customs document within 1 year.

Re-Importation: the original exporter would have to have an agreement, to be confirmed by the recipient of the horses, that the horse will go back to original property/ownership.

Moving good: to clear your horse as moving good, which is free from import customs/duty and taxes, it must be clearly documented, that your are moving homestead.

Permanent Importation: VAT 16 – 21 % (depends on each EU country) and duties 11,5% will be due for a final importation into the European Union. If you are planning to import a breeding mare or stallion which is registered in a european studbook, you can avoid the import duties.