Air Transport

Your horses travel with the best available airlines. During the transport to the airport and the loading process, your horses are well taken care of by our experienced staff. On request, we can also ask for stabling of your horse at the airport.

There are always professional and qualified horse stewards on board, who will care for your horse and give it the best travel experience possible. Hay and water will be provided on every flight.

Jet Stalls

We offer two different travel options for your horse :

  • ECONOMY CLASS / TRIPLE STALL : most cost – effective option; your horse will be accompanied by 2 other horses in the stall; the approx. measure of this option is
  • BUSINES CLASS / DOUBLE STALL: your horse is accompanied by only 1 neighbour; therefore, the dividers of the third spot are re-arranged; the approx. measure of this option is

Other options can be made upon request!


You are looking for your own exclusive flight? We are the right partner to talk to!

We are very experienced in chartering flights for a large group of horses, no matter if they are going to an international horse show or any other kind of event or reason.

We are taking care of the full door-to-door service, including ground transport, export papers, handling at the airport and during the flight.