Pre export Quarantine

Where do you want to go? Klatte Horse Transport takes care of all preparations such as blood sampling, veterinary documentation, custom papers and if necessary, certification by consulate services. All quarantine needs are coordinated by our staff. Different countries have varying rules and import regulations.  Due to these differences please get in touch directly with our expert staff. They are more than happy to guide you through the details of each specific import requirement.


Located in the southwest of Lower Saxony, Lastrup has excellent road connections to every well known breeding area in Europe, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark included.

Our facility offers relaxation and quiet for horses from all over Europe in transit to their destination.

Three covered free walkers, lunging rings, turn out paddocks and a full size riding arena, as well as onsite groom accommodations, provide travelers with every amenity needed for comfortable layovers and secure stabling from which to prepare for their journey.

Official veterinary services are available on request to issue necessary travel documents.

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