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Layover and Quarantine

Situated in the southwest of Lower Saxony, Lastrup has excellent road connections to every well known breeding area in Europe, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark included.

Spacious, modern stables either on Klattes own farm, newly built in the 90es, or in the neighbourhood offer the very best accommodation. Covered arenas, paddocks, free walker, solarium, treadmill all await your horse.

The team under horse care manager Britta Klatte fully supervises each stable to make it truely safe home away from home. Lastrup offers relaxation and quiet for horses from all over Europe in transit to their departure airport.
“With us horses don’t have to spend a night in the truck”, assures the owner of the company.

24 hours of veterinary care is available as a matter of course in Guido Klattes stables. Official veterinary services are on duty every day of the year, which is almost impossible in other areas. As required by law all stables undergo official vet inspections. Quarantine installations are available for countries with specific import regulations.
The stable manager serves “a la carte”. The menu before departure day consists of hand blended mash with especially added electrolytes and a good dash of oil to prevent colic.
According to the specific destination blood samples and CEM swaps have to be sent to the laboratory in and on time. All needs are coordinated between the owner, the vet and the official veterinary office by the Klatte team. Full documentation of your consignment is sent to you via fax.