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Company history

The Klatte farm, in the village of Lastrup near Oldenburg can trace its origins back some 300 years. For more than one hundred years horses are being bred here.


In the 60′s: The Klatte Family mounted.

From this rural background and a large family descends Guido Klatte, director of International Horse Shipping Services. Having successfully competed in show jumping and eventing he knows the world of the international horse sport. With experience in the field of agricultural exports he also knows the world of business. Now he combines these skills operating a travel agency for horses. It was 1985 when his first fully chartered plane took off. His business now employs fourteen people and ships around 2000 horses to and from overseas per year. Such growth indicates satisfied customers. Guido Klatte: “It is a big responsibility to get every horse in our care to its destination, safe and comfortably. We thrive on the challenge and we thank every client for their trust in our knowledge and we appreciate the business they give to us.”

Familie Guido Klatte 2010 mit Guido, Britta, Alina, Victoria und Guido Junior

Family Guido Klatte 2010 with Guido, Britta, Alina, Victoria and Guido Junior