Blood testing and vaccinations

Our team can arrange all necessary blood- and CEM testing for the horses that are going to leave the European Union.  Please ask our office team for a filled out lab form to send it with the samples to the correct lab.

We are working together with Böse Laboratory in Harsum, Germany and Lelystad in the Netherlands.

Required Documents

Health Certificate
Our team will arrange health certificates for the horse´s destination always in a correct manner. Very important is that all original documents including the passport always need to travel with the horse.

Customs Documents
In case of customs clearance, our team is experienced in arranging and processing these documents for you. Because of the strict supervision by customs, these documents are handled with great attention to detail. Very important is that each European company who wants to export/import a horse needs an EORI number. In case you do not have a number yet, you have to apply for it.

Here are the downloads for following countries, in case you need any help please get in touch with our team:

Every horse needs a passport with, so please make sure that this document accompanies your horse!